Mom, Me and the Chaise

Princess Penny here.

I have let Sebastian have center stage these last couple of stories and that is ok Buy cheap Cialis Online cause I love him – even though he would like to grab me by the nose and shake me.  That’s ok cause him and me we play that way,  but I don’t think he would really hurt me, and I think I would not really hurt him.  ????????

It has been a strange few days around my Mom lately.  She has been feeling “Off” as she calls it.  She doesn’t know why or exactly how but OFF.  Unfortunately, that makes my life and job a lot harder trying to follow her train of thoughts or feet, which ever comes first.

Mom doesn’t seem to be as upset as I thought she would be since I have taken over the top pillows of her chaise.  Also,  Mom made herself an afghan, and it’s nice,  so I have decided I like it, so it’s mine.  She must agree because she is putting it on the top of the chaise so my hair does not get all over.

Ah Ha —– Killing two BIRDS with one stone.  Not sure JJ and Sebastian will like this sentence. hehehe

You have to imagine my delight when she decided to purchase this beautiful chaise for her, and me.  Of course she did not know that it was not exclusively hers.  Anyway, it gives me easy access to the window, which she truly hates, but as you can guess ‘I’m Nosey’.  (get it nosey lol)

And let us not forget that wonderful afternoon sun as I lounge on the top of the cushy top pillows of the chaise, comtemplating the wonders of life, or as I would call it, “what can I get into today”.  But today I will wonder what’s up with mom and her mood.

She’s not talking so I have to play mind reader here.  (Read that Mom – I have to play Mind Reader because you are not talking so……)

Until next time woof woof

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