Time To Eat Daddy’s Shirt

Hi this is Sebastian, Princess Penny’s older feathered brother.  Dad had me and JJ in his and mom’s office. We were just hanging out, shootin’ the breeze.  Dad had me on his arm while he was surfing the ‘puter.

Well he got a little upset cause I gave him a love bite cause he was not paying attention to me.  He like his ‘puter more than me!  Well that did not win me any prizes, cause dad says that hurts.  I didn’t feel a thing. lol

Now he really startin to bother me cause I was starting to chew on his shirt and he tell me, “No chewing on my shirt – I don’t chew on yours”. Well Duh.   I don’t where one.  Now is that fair.  He knows better.  He should wear one of those holey tee-shirt that me and my other brothers and sisters have used in the past to re-design his look.  The Holey Moley Shirt or Shirts as we have re-designed many.

Funny thing is though, we re-design dad’s shirt, but we don’t DARE touch mom’s cause she ain’t feelin’ that at all.  lol   Doesn’t seem fair though to dad.  Oh well can’t have everything.  Right JJ

JJ is sitting on his perch looking at himself in the TV screen.  Either he is bored or really vain.  He does Big Eagle, not as good as me or as often but Mom get real happy when he does cause she says his wings are bigger than mine.   Well gee whiz, he is bigger than me what do you expect!

Well I have decided it is time to go bug mom for awhile, only I know it won’t last long.    I can’t help myself,  I love my mom, I mean I really love my mom, and wish she were my girlfriend.     Mom says she is flattered, but that is not helping me any cause she puts me back or tells dad to come and get me.

Well maybe I can get a couple more chews on dad’s shirt before he put me back in my house.  I am faster than him you know.  By the time he hollers at me I’ve taken another bite,  and then give him a look like,  ” Oh Im not suppose to re-design your shirt?  Sorry My Bad” heheeheheh

Well I guess I will go for now.  Princess Penny will be back in a day or so.  Nice squawking at you.

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