How Many Walks Are Too Many Walks?

Princess Penny here.  I just wanted to ask you, “How Many Walks Are Too Many Walks?”    Mom says I am taking advantage of my Dad.  You see earlier I told you how I look at my Dad with my beautiful eyes and he takes pity upon me, so to speak Buy Accutane and out the door we go. Well…

I have actually been able to get my Dad to walk me just about every time I lay by my leash and look at him.  He may say he’ll take me for a walk on the commercial, or after his show is over, but eventually he will fore-go watching his show sometimes to take me for a walk.

Wait,  I ‘ve even gotten him to take me for a walk before he goes to work.  How great is that!  Mom told him not to do it because he would be starting something that he is not going to keep up.  “No, No it will be fine it’s just this once, I’m a bit early.”   Mom said, ” OK,  just this once.  The weather is turning cooler and winter’s coming, then what,  will you be walking her then?  Huh, will you?”   hehehehe   My Mom is so smart :)

So don’t forget boys and girls, keep your eyes sort of lowered as you try to look up, and let your body shake a bit.  Let your eye’s lightly gaze at the leash as you bring your head around to look at the door.  Do that a couple of times and you will be set.

I have to have a talk with Dad before winter sets  in, just because the weather is about to change, nothing, has to  change,  because I have a raincoat and I am going to ask for that lusciously thick coat I saw at the store, or we can go on line to a couple of places I know of. …

Ok, before I go, my feathered brothers and sisters want to say hello, and to let you know that they will be on board to talk with everyone in the next week or so.

Well until next time, Woof Woof

P.S.   This question is for the Human Parents out there, as well as my furry pals.  What do you think about about all the walks.  Isn’t it good for health reasons for him and for me?    OR   Am I just being who my Daddy loves and adores, Princess Penny? hehehe

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