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I'm So Smart

I went to see Papa Howard and Mama Kass this weekend with Mom and Dad.  They were having a movie night.  I was so excited until i learned that the only reason I was there was so that Papa Howard could do my nails.

Well I was not in their house 2 minutes when Rusty came spitting at me.  Fear struck my heart I don’t mind telling you.   Told you I was smart, and knowing when to leave a cat alone is one of the smartest things a dog can do.  I remember the nightmares I had because of their 3 HUGE, GIANT  cats. (Mama Cat, Patches and Rusty 40 pounds each I swear.)

Anyway, from that moment on I stayed on my toes, literally.  If I wanted to see Papa Howard I would go behind mom’s chair to get to him, and if I wanted to see Mama Kass, it was a bit more duckin’ and dodging, but I made it work.  There did finally come a time when I was sitting next to Mama Kass and patches and I sat staring at one another and I refused to look away.  Patches looked away first.  I showed him.  Even Mama Kass saw that and was proud of me.

While watching the movie, Mama Kass was baking dessert for everyone, Buy cheap online Provigil yes even me, you know between mom and dad one of them were going to give me a taste.  It was absolutely delicious mom said and asked for the recipe.  I’m glad because it was good and if she can make it just 1/2  as good, dad and I are in for a treat.  It was sweet and it had apples in it.

Well it got late and everyone was tired after the movie was over and I never did get my nails done.  That’s ok I like driving everyone crazy with the tic tic tic tic across the floor.  Doesn’t bother me.  Well maybe a little.

Until next time, Woof Woof

Princess Penny

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    1. Pawzy says:

      Really enjoyed your story. How cute. We really do think that we can think like animals. I just wonder how close we are? lol Fun story to read. Have a nice day. ;)

    2. Good quality post but for some reason your blogs layout theme displays errors in the Seamonkey v5.09 internet browser. I simply wanted to tell you…

    3. Human Secretary - Mom, throthove says:

      Hi Nita. Im really glad you stopped by. Sorry you were having so much trouble reading with the errors popping up on you. I did you have a chance to read any of the other posts? All of our companions are rescues except for one and Penny sure has her paws on the pulse of the reactions they all have for one another.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

    4. Human Secretary - Mom, throthove says:

      Pawzy: I truly do not recall if I responded to your post and if I did not, please accept my apology.

      You should hear some of the conversations I have with all of them because of the looks or body actions they may have. I do know that a non-animal person would think I have a house full of kids and they all do what they want regardless of what MOM says. lol

      Did you have a chance to check out some of the other stories Prince Penny has told. Out of the 6 of them, her and 5 feathered brothers and sisters, they are all but one rescues. She tells the tails of how they came to live with us.

      Well you have a nice day, and hope to speak with you again.

    5. AutumnSky says:

      What a cute story! I can imagine myself in the room with Princess Penny and tic tic tic on the floor. Is there a book coming from these stories? They would make for good reading for children :o )

    6. Human Secretary - Mom, throthove says:

      Hi Autumn Sky. Thank you for your comments and yes, There is a ebook in the background. Just don’t have a time or date.

    7. Human Secretary - Mom, throthove says:

      thank you for stopping by. Due to a health recent medical problem, I’ve been out of commission. Just getting back on track and hope to start filling in on some of the blanks.

      Stop back in a couple of days.

    8. Human Secretary - Mom, throthove says:

      glad I was able to help

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